Market Access Information

On these pages we publish, from time to time, information which may be useful for traders to gain market access to other countries, understand other countries' regulations or facilitate entering into business partnerships.

Trading with Other Countries

In this section we list any measures, restrictions, regulation or special requirements imposed by other countries on goods imported from Laos.


► Sanitary and phytosanitary requirements under border trade agreements between Socialist Republic of Vietnam and Lao PDR

► Trade Agreement Between the Government of the Lao People's Democratic Republic and the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

 List of prohibited goods for purchase and sale of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Notification on Pest Risk Analysis for Plants and Plant Products before exporting to Vietnam

Order to Increase Strictness on Administration and Inspection of Phytosanitary Certification and Plant Productions to Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Vietnam issued Notification to ongoing the implementation of Agreement on Preferential Import Duty Scheme for Laos for 2015

Vietnam will temporarily ceased importation and re-exportation of logs and semi processed wood from natural forest of Laos and Cambodia

The Ministry of Industry and trade of Vietnam has issued a Decision on the temporary list of goods temporarily imported for re-export, transmitted, and in bonded warehouses in order to on enhance the State management of the temporary import for re-export, transit of goods, and goods in bonded warehouses.

► Vietnam Extends Laos Preferential Import Duty Scheme, 17 January 2013

► Vietnam has issued a notification regarding the guidelines for inspection of alcohol, beer, soft drinks, vegetable oil and various food products, 19 December 2012

► Guidelines on food safety controls for import of foodstuffs of plant origin, 1 June 2012

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The Kingdom of Thailand announces logs, semi processed timbers, and some type of wooden products are prohibited for transit

Requirements for the import and the transit of cassava and its products in Thailand

Progress on the announcement of the Second Export and Import of Goods Act, Kingdom of Thailand

Kingdom of Thailand issues a Second Export and Import of Goods Act 

Thailand's annoucement on amendment of import tariff (registration 5) 2012, 2013 2 Octorber  2013

Thai Government issued legislation on transport facilitation of goods, plant, animal, vehicle and others for transiting B.E 2556, 16 July 2013

Thai Regulation on importing rubber sheet and transit through Thailand for third country destination, 14 May 2013

► Announcement by the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand on the importation of tariff-free maize from Lao PDR, 19 February 2013 

► Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives of Thailand has issued an announcement on determined plant from the sources, those are prohibited, the exceptions and the conditions under the plant quarantine act, No. 10 in 255330-October-2012

► Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives of Thailand has issued an announcement concerning conditions on tobacco exporting from Lao PDR transiting Thailand30-August-2012

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► Official website of General Department of Customs and Excise of Cambodia 

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Law on Food safety

Law on Import and Export Commodity Inspection

Regulations on the Safety Management of Agricultural Genetically Modified Organisms

Law on the Quarantine of Animal and Plant for Import and Export

The People’s Republic of China notifies the requirement to use the Certificate for the Export of Food

Market opening for Lao rice in People's Republic of China

► Guide of China’s Import from Laos 2015

Requirements for exporting some agricultural products to China

Protocol on Plant Inspection and Quarantine Requirements for Exporting Rice from Lao PDR to the People's Republic of China, 5 January 2015 

Phytosanitary Requirements for the Export of watermelon, banana and cassava from Laos to China, 18 October  2013

► Export of some Agricultural products to China through traditional border check-points, Yunnan Province. 18 March 2013

► Requirement to have pest investigation on corn before importing to the PR of China, 20 January 2012 

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Chinese Taipei

Chinese Taipei will issue quantity controlling on the content of consumption description for food packaging and this shall be strictly implemented from 1 January 2015 onward,  January 2013

►  Chinese Taipei's notification on pesticide residue limits in foods, 27 December 2012

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Republic of Korea

► South Korea is planning to remove the standards for importation of tropical fruits, nuts, and seeds those not domestically registered for exporting countries. 04 December 2014

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► Argentine will utilize health certificate form for importation of animal commodities

Argentine Republic will utilize new Security Stamps for Health Certificates for export animal products

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European Union

Order to Increase Strictness on Administration and Inspection of Phytosanitary Certification for Plants and Plant Products to the European Union

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► Repuplic of Turkey will utilize Veterinary Health Certificate for Importation of Fish Oil and for Importation of Processed Animal Protein

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